┕━ SHyboy ━┙
             Since 2017, I've been working on the concept and development of my game SHYBOY (alternatively "Shy Boy") an interactive semi-platformer game.
             As the player, you follow the life of a curious and adaptive 13-year-old boy named Shy. He's able to healthily interact with the people around him until something starts to change in his life. He finds himself in another world with unfamiliar faces and monstrous-looking beings (who may or may not be all that scary). The words Shy chooses to use and take into his heart affect him as a character and your role as the player. 
              The game addresses several issues, primarily mental health, allowing players to dive into how their actions can affect the mental health of other people and themselves. After interacting with the other characters in the game long enough, players have a better idea of what a character's particular struggles are and how to address them the best they can--whilst dealing with their own mental health. 
              The character's interactions and the game's storyline will be automated by an AI algorithm which would take data from a user's personality evaluation. The character of Shy and his personality are made up of the user's own personality. Certain actions and inactions a user make influence the characters' perceptions and feelings towards them.
Promotional Artworks

Character and environment designs

Character-based animatics

Environment concept art
songs for the game's "vibe"