The user will choose a character path to follow: one character will be living in a dormitory and the other character will be in a sorority house. So far we only have the character path that lives in the dormitory, but we will be working on the other character path in the future. As the user goes through the scenarios of the dormitory path, they will have to choose what they think is the best response. Based on their selection, they will get an evaluation notifying them if they are really ready for a safe college experience. ​​​​​​​
Below are our official presentation and demo footage.
Rep. Steve Cohen has named two Cordova students as the winner of the Congressional App Challenge in Tennessee’s 9th district. Faith Heritage Christian Academy’s Jayda Murray and Anaya Murray submitted Safety U, an app designed to enlighten graduating high school girls of the potential dangers on and off-campus college campuses. 
When asked why they were passionate about creating an app that focuses on collegiate safety the students replied, “Violence against women and unfortunate circumstances are occurring on college campuses every day. Arriving freshmen girls need to know this and be prepared and equipped to make the best safety decisions.” They hope to encourage other students to better their communities by using their computer science skills.
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