⌜•°ABOUT ME °•⌝
My journey into computer science started in New York during the 5th grade when I was introduced to the fantasy video game “Kingdom Hearts.” I was absolutely hooked and a few days later I decided I wanted to create my own video game. With the help of my homeschool mom, I started Khan Academy and Codecademy’s programming courses.  In addition, I started teaching myself how to build a 3D game using Unity.
That year coding opportunities started popping up everywhere!  I (usually the youngest attendee) was later involved in several hackathons and science-related meetings. Some of which were held by “Black Girls Code,” "Code Day," “All-Star Code,” "The Code Space," and even a Hip-Hop hackathon hosted at the Spotify headquarters in New York City. 
With continual exposure, my passion for computer science continued to grow and I wanted to share my new interest with friends. At 11 years old, I led an after-school technology club in my dining room where I facilitated MIT Scratch coding classes with 10 other kids.  Soon after I was able to travel up to Massachusetts from New York to meet the MIT Scratch team.  Walking through the MIT media lab was an unforgettable experience. The founder of Scratch along with his team heavily encouraged me to keep pursuing my newfound passion.
Then in 2017-18, I was awarded a scholarship to become a Front-End Web Developer through the Udacity Nanodegree program...
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